Resume available upon request

Hi:) My name is Rosie. I'm currently studying Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, with a minor in Human-Computer interaction.

In the past years, I've become familiar with data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented programming (check here for my courseworks!). I've completed up to medium-sized software with graphical user interface and a complete test suite. From various research projects, I've also obtained front-end development experience designing, implementing and testing user interface. I also work as a Design and Marketing intern for the Office of Student Activities. Human-centered design is something I'm always excited to learn and explore. I think people's experience and emotions are what ultimately inspire, drive, and evalute our work.

Some of my interests include graphic design, documentaries, and books (haven't been reading much, wish I had more time to do so). Spotify and gym are my everyday essentials:D